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Class Descriptions

Combination Classes:

Combination classes are offered to students ages 3-7 years old. Students ages 3-5 years old are taught Ballet, Tap & Gymnastics.  Students ages 5-7 years old are taught Ballet, Tap & Jazz.  These classes are one and a half hours in length and exposes the student to the basic elements of dance.


Evolving from a wordless dance drama, ballet began in the courts of Louis XIV. The basic technique consists of a strict code of rules regarding posture and movement based on five absolute positions of the feet characterized by turnout of the legs from the hip. Although there are different schools mainly French, Italian and Russian, basic principles are universally recognized and constitute an international language.

Hip Hop:

Hip Hop is a dance form based on isolations, funk based movement and high energy grooves inspired by contemporary music and vernacular dance. As an international phenomenon generally acknowledged to have originated in the Bronx circa the 1970s, hip-hop transcends race, class and economic spheres. With strong ties to urban youth, it exerts a pervasive influence on what we wear, listen to and look at.


Closely allied with creative discovery, modern dance arose in direct opposition to ballet's rigid standards and codified technique. Out of a need for meaningful personal expression, the voices of separate artists set the standards. Modern dance stems from an image of being earth bound (opposite of ballet) and frequently works barefoot


Tap is America's folk dance with roots in Irish step dancing and African Juba. PDC's tap technique is based on the styles of the first generation 'hoofers' of Vaudeville, jazz clubs and Broadway with the contemporary exploration of the concert stage. Tradition is taught with an emphasis on musicality, relaxation and individuality.


Based on the social dancing of African American culture and jazz music of the 1920's, jazz dance is a living art form, influenced by cultural trends and personalities. Emphasis may be placed on isolations, style, technique, music and athleticism.

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