Private Dance Pod Class

Dance Pod Class

Looking to dance with acquaintances or friends sharing similar Covid risk standards?  Look no further….PDC’s Dance Pods offer parents the opportunity to select a small group of students that participate in similar Covid risk measures.

* Participants must fall within a 2 year age bracket of each other (i.e. 2-4 yrs, 6-8 yrs, etc).

* Each pod must consist of 4 students, but may not exceed 9 students.  A pod class will be canceled if less than 4 students are enrolled at anytime. 

* Each class will be 45 minutes in length and held in-person once a week. 

* Class Options are:

      ~ Dancers under 5 year olds = Ballet-Tap-Tumbling Combination Class

      ~ Dancers 5-9 year olds = Ballet-Tap-Jazz Combination Class

      ~ Dancers 4-9 year olds = Hip-Hop Class

* Classes will follow Premiere’s Fall/Spring season from August 31st, 2020 through May 28th, 2021, except listed holidays.

* Tuition is charged monthly on the 1st of each month, unless a drop form is submitted online by the 28th of the month.

* Participants are eligible to perform in the Spring Recital, however more than one pod class may perform on stage at the same time.   

How it works:

Private Dance Pod Class

Parents will form a group of 4-9 dancers sharing similar Covid risk standards and select an available Pod Class time/day from the online schedule (listed under Fall/Spring 2020-2021 class schedule ….limited classes available). They will then elect ONE parent to communicate with the PDC office by email stating the following:

~Names and ages of dancers to form pod

~Preferred Pod Class time/day

Premiere will assign a Pod Name to each group/class and open it to each family by sending a password to the selected parent (they will share with others).  All parents will then create a PDC account for their family (if they do already have one set-up) and enroll in the assigned Pod Class using the password provided. 

Should a student in the pod class drop, the class can only remain open if at least 4 students remain enrolled, or if another student (fitting the parents criteria) is added in place of the student that dropped. 

PDC Dance Pod Tuition Rates:

$40 Registration Fee (non-refundable)

$15 Registration Fee for each additional sibling (non-refundable)

$88/month per student (sibling 10% discounts are available)