Policies & Procedures

Payment of Fees

Tuition is payable monthly, in advance, and due on the 1st of each month.  Payments received after the 10th will be charged a $20 late fee. All fees are non-refundable. Credits, adjustments and refunds will not be given.


Tuition remains the same whether it is a long (5 week) or short (3 week) month and regardless of absences, vacations or holidays. Make-up classes are available when necessary.


There is a $30 fee on all returned checks.

Dress Code

Proper attire is very important. Teachers need to see a dancer’s body in order to correct body alignment and placement. All dancers are required to wear their hair pulled back way from their face in a bun, ponytail or french braid.

  • Combination Classes: Attire for all~ Black leotard, pink tights, tutu/skirt of any color optional.  Be sure to bring all shoes in a dance bag and label shoes with dancer’s initials.
    • 2-3 yr, 2-4 yr, & 3-5 yr Shoes: pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes (with black elastic through the eyelets of the tap shoes, no ties please).
    • 4-5 yr, 4-6 yr, & 5-7 yr Shoes: pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes (no ties), and black jazz shoes.
    • 6-8 yr tap/jazz combo Shoes: black tap shoes & black jazz shoes.
    • 6-8 yr ballet/tap/jazz combo Shoes: pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes(no ties), and black jazz shoes.
    • Boys wear black athletic shorts, white t-shirt, black tap shoes, black ballet shoes, and black jazz shoes (for 4-5 yr combo and older).
  • Mommy-n-Me:  Black leotard, pink tights, tutu/skirt of any color optional, pink ballet shoes.  Parents are welcome to wear anything they are comfortable in, along with socks or may go barefoot.
  • Ballet/Pointe: Black leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes or pointe shoes with elastic sewn on.
  • Tap(youth): Black leotard, any color tights, black boy shorts or black leggings and black tap shoes.
  • Jazz/Contemporary: Black leotard, black boy shorts or leggings and black jazz shoes.
  • Hip Hop(youth including boys): Street clothing without zippers or snaps and clean tennis shoes.
  • Stretch & Strengthen/Turns & Progressions/Technique/Musical Theatre: Any color leotard or bra top, boy shorts or leggings and jazz shoes.
  • Performance Company Jazz/Technique/Contemporary: Any color leotard or bra top with boy shorts, leggings or tights and appropriate shoes.
  • Performance Company Hip Hop/Tap: Loose clothing may be worn over the attire listed above.
  • Tumbling: Any color leotard or t-shirt, boy shorts or athletic shorts with bare legs. No shoes or socks.
  • Boys (Ballet/Tap/Jazz/Stretch & Strengthen/Turns & Progressions): Black athletic shorts, white t-shirt and appropriate dance shoes.
  • Adult(Hip Hop/Tap/Pilates/Cardio Bootcamp): Any color and style of athletic wear.  Tennis shoes are required for Hip Hop and Cardio Bootcamp.  Tap shoes are required for Tap.

Dance attire may be purchased at:





Texas Dance Supply
(Opening late August 2019)
13834 Sawyer Ranch Road, Suite 100
Dripping Springs, TX 78620

Capezio Dance Theater Shop

5114 Balcones Woods Dr. #304
Austin, TX 78759

Withdrawing, Dropping, or Adding Classes

Should you need to withdraw from any or all classes at any time other than at the end of the session, you must submit the appropriate form (found below) as notice to our office no later than the 28th of the month.  To withdraw from all classes and financial obligations, a completed withdrawal form must be turned in to our office. If a withdrawal form is not submitted by the 28th of the month, you are responsible for continuing to pay tuition and late fees until the form is turned in, regardless of attendance.


Click Here to submit a Withdrawal Form


Click Here to submit an Add Class/Drop Class Form

Tardiness & Attendance

Attendance is essential in your dancer’s progress. Missed classes may be made up within the same month of the missed class. A student who comes late to class may be asked to sit out, however repeated tardiness may result in termination of lessons.

Extreme Weather

PDC will mostly follow Austin ISD after school closures, however an email will be sent out to confirm closure. Refunds for lessons missed or canceled due to weather related or holiday closures will not be given.


Only water is allowed in the dance rooms. Chewing gum will not be permitted in class. At Premiere Dance Center, we strive to provide a family environment for all dancers, parents and staff. Please be respectful of other dancers, parents, teachers and PDC property while at or representing Premiere Dance Center.

Primrose School of Dripping Springs Exclusive Classes

Premiere Dance Center will be responsible for transporting dancers from Primrose to Premiere (& back) weather permitting, as well as changing them in & out of dance attire.  Parents are responsible for providing dance attire and dance shoes required for class.  Premiere will provide a dance bag for each Primrose student enrolled in dance lessons, during the first week of dance.  Should less than 5 Primrose students enroll in an exclusive class, Premiere may open the class to PDC families for enrollment.  All policies, procedures, and schedules will follow that of Premiere Dance Center.